Why Sorbact®?

Just like a normal plaster or dressing. But totally unique.

Sorbact® offers all the features you would expect from a normal plaster or dressing, but at the same time its bacteria-binding properties make it totally unique. The Sorbact® surface utilizes a completely natural process that binds the bacteria, making Sorbact® especially suitable in situations where a wound is exposed to an increased risk of infection.

How it works

When you apply Sorbact® and its unique surface comes into direct contact with the wound, the process of binding the bacteria and fungi to its surface begins.

Bacteria bind to the surface
The unique Sorbact® surface binds bacteria from the wound, helping it to heal and preventing infection.

Bacteria are removed when the dressing is changed
When you change the dressing, the microorganisms are removed – the bacteria and fungi that have bound to the unique Sorbact® surface. It is completely natural, without any active substances entering the wound.

When should Sorbact® be used?

The Sorbact® range includes wound care products for treating everything from small to larger wounds. Sorbact® plasters and dressings are available in a wide range of sizes and designs and are ideal to have at home in your first-aid kit, in your suitcase when out travelling, or in your sports bag.

Who can use Sorbact®?

Sorbact® is suitable for all ages. Its infection preventative properties are based on a completely natural process that does not allow any active substances to enter the wound. This makes it suitable for children as well as women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.