Sorbact® takes care of wounds – naturally.

Sorbact® plasters and dressings have a unique bacteria-binding surface. Unlike other antibacterial plasters and ointments, Sorbact® does not kill bacteria and fungi. Instead, its unique surface utilizes a completely natural process that binds the bacteria and fungi to the plaster without allowing any chemically active substances to enter the wound. Sorbact® is used by healthcare professionals in more than 65 countries and is available from your nearest pharmacy.

Wound care

Plasters and dressings

The unique Sorbact® surface is used across the range. Sorbact® Secure is the ideal plaster for minor wounds. Sorbact® Absorption is our absorbent dressing for exuding superficial wounds. Sorbact® Compress is used for all exuding wounds, both deep and superficial.

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Treating fungi

Sorbact® Fungi

With Sorbact® Fungi it is easy to treat fungal infections in skin folds without using messy ointments or creams. Sorbact® Fungi contains no antiseptic substances.

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Keep going wherever you are. Out hiking. On vacation. On the track.

With Sorbact® Secure in your suitcase or sports bag, you have everything you need to prevent minor accidents from ruining your plans. Durable and pliable, it works equally well if you are out traveling or training or simply relaxing in the comfort of your own home. Sorbact® Secure stays firmly in place when you shower, swim or sweat. At the same time, it releases moisture, allowing your skin and the wound surface to breathe and heal. The unique bacteria-binding Sorbact® surface makes the plaster particularly effective when there is an increased risk of infection while traveling abroad, swimming or playing sports.

About Sorbact® Secure

How the unique Sorbact® surface works

The unique surface binds the bacteria from the wound to the dressing. The bacteria that become attached to the dressing are removed when you lift or replace the dressing, helping to prevent infection. All products in the Sorbact® range have the same functionality.

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Take care of your own wounds and the wounds of other people

Our pages on wound treatment contain further information on how to treat different types of wounds in order to speed up healing and combat infection. We look at causes, symptoms and treatment options. Seek medical advice if you suspect a wound is infected.

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